Bail disparities across the US reflect inequality: ‘It is the poor people who suffer’

An antiquated, haphazard system allowing counties to set bail for misdemeanors often caters to conservative values and targets the poorest peopleEncompassing Yosemite national park, Mariposa County is among California’s most beautiful regions. But if you’re arrested for panhandling or public intoxication, Mariposa can be the state’s ugliest county.People arrested for minor misdemeanors in Mariposa County are on the hook for $10,000 bail, which is supposed to insure someone shows up to court, whether the charges have merit or not. Those who can’t afford the nonrefundable bail bond fee – usually 10% of bail, or $1,000 in Mariposa cases – sit in jail until their case makes it in front of a judge. Continue reading…

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